Weekly Services
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English Service Hokkien Service Vietnamese Outreach Program
Saturdays 5:30pm & 8:00pm
Sundays 10:00am
Sundays 5:00pm Sundays 7:30pm
Mandarin Service Corporate Prayer Meetings Secret Place (Personal Prayer Time - For children ages 3-12)
Sundays 10:00am
Sundays 7:30pm @ PCC Seberang Perai
Wednesdays 8:30pm @ PCC & 7:30pm @ 2A-5-22, Lucas Ark, Tmn. Lip Sin
Saturdays 5:15pm - 5:30pm, 7:45pm - 8pm
Sundays 9:45am - 10am
Saturdays 7:30pm-8pm
(Except family worship weekend)
Crowning Glory (Senior Citizens) I.S.C.A. - Inter-School Christ Ambassador (ages 13-17) Jr. C.I.D.S (Children In Divine Service) Church (ages 3-6)
Saturdays 10:00am Saturdays 5:30pm Saturdays 8:00pm
Sundays 10:00am
(except family worship weekends)
C.I.D.S (Children In Divine Service) Church (ages 7-12) Children's evangelistic Sunday CIDS (Children In Divine Service) Mandarin Children's Church
Saturdays 8:00pm
(except family worship weekends)
Sundays 10:00am
(except family worship weekend)
Sundays 10:00am)
(except - family worship weekend)

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